Reflexology is a holistic therapy that works with the feet to facilitate health and relaxation. Areas of the feet are seen to correspond by 'reflex' to specific parts of the body.  Pressing and massaging these areas has been found to have a beneficial effect on the organs they correspond to, and on the body as a whole. Reflexology can help restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium and encourage healing.


It's speculated that (what became known as) Reflexology was first practiced in ancient Egypt, India and China, though it wasn't until 1913 that Dr William Fitzgerald introduced this health-treatment to the West as 'Zone Therapy'. In the 1930's, Eunice Ingham developed 'Zone Therapy' into what is now known as Reflexology. She observed that 'congestion' in any part of the foot is mirrored in a corresponding part of the body.


Reflexology is suitable for all ages, and very relaxing. It's particularly suitable for those who are uncomfortable with full-body massage, and who feel anxious and stressed. Reflexology can help to stabilise mood and improve sleep patterns. It's been shown to be effective for hormonal and digestive issues, and is a popular complementary therapy for those with fertility problems. It can help with arthritic conditions, back pain, and general physical tension.


I qualified in Reflexology at the Central London College of Reflexology in 2001. I bring to my work over 25 years of massage experience. I'm fully insured and a member of the Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists  (ABMT).


I practice in Crystal Palace.

I work Monday to Saturday, mostly during the day.


£50 for 60 minute session.

Concessionary rate available.

Block booking of 6 sessions: £250