Seated Acupressure

With its roots in Japanese bodywork (Shiatsu, Amma), seated Acupressure is a 'pressure point' therapy that relaxes, relieves tension and improves overall health.

Seated Acupressure has become very popular in recent years and practitioners can be found in the workplace, markets and other public spaces. Its popularity is in large part due to its effectiveness and simplicity: no oils are used, and there's no need to undress.

chair - USE

Treatment takes place in a comfortable, ergonomic chair. A firm but sensitive pressure is applied to specific points and areas of tension on the neck and shoulders, down the back and around the hips. Attention is then given to the arms and legs.

Upper-body tensions, resulting in headaches, stiff necks and shoulders are very common, and can be relieved quickly with seated Acupressure. The arms also benefit, and it's been my experience that clients are often surprised at how much tension they carry there.

Tension, felt or not is tiring!  Acupressure both relaxes and energises, and its  benefits can persist for some days after a session.


I hold an Acupressure Diploma from The Academy of On-Site Massage. I also bring to the work my trainings in Shiatsu and Thai massage.  I'm fully insured and a member of the Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists  (ABMT).


I practice in Crystal Palace.

I work Monday to Saturday, mostly during the day.


£50 for 60 minute session.

Concessionary rate available.

Block booking of 6 sessions: £270